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Seniors of the Month

CASA Seniors of the Month for December, 2018


Madyson Clark & Christian Witmer




Congratulations to Madyson Clark! She is a CASA Senior of the Month for December! Great job, Madyson!


Matty is a music student who has been attending CASA since 10th grade. She comes to CASA from Northern York County SD.

At CASA, Matty participates in National Honor Society and is helping with this year’s musical. Outside of CASA, she works as a barista at Square Bean Coffee House and walks dogs for Speranza Animal Rescue.

Matty’s favorite CASA memory was last year’s CASALive! show when she saw it all come together as a great performance. Her favorite piece she has collaborated on was the song that was created for the “Street Scene” in CASALive! She enjoyed working very hard with her friends to create and perform that piece.

In the future, Matty plans to attend SUNY Oswego to major in Zoology so she can have a career helping animals.

Matty says that CASA has impacted her life by introducing her to many life-long friends and teaching her so much. She says, “I feel very prepared for my future thanks to the amazing teachers at this school.” Matty is grateful for everyone involved with CASA for always being there for her and allowing her the space to grow as a student and a person.





Congratulations to Christian Witmer! He is a CASA Senior of the Month for December! Great job, Christian!


Congratulations to Christian Witmer for being chosen as one of CASA's Seniors of the Month for December!

Christian is a creative writing student who has been attending CASA since 9th grade. He comes to CASA from Big Spring SD.

At CASA, Christian takes a variety of courses, and has written different scenes for CASA’s Integrated Arts. Outside of CASA, he makes music with his friend, Patrick, in their band, "Whit Waltman." He also writes plays, produces other artists' music, and supports the arts. He spends much of his time watching a variety of films.

Christian’s favorite CASA memory was when his classmate, Ben, did a back-flip on one of the outdoor days and got yelled at. He thought it was one of the funniest things he’d seen in years. His favorite piece he wrote was titled, “Gallant Wolf," which he liked creating as an audio/visual experience.

In the future, Christian would like to attend a school for audio engineering, and eventually would like to move to pursue a studio position.

Christian says that CASA has impacted his life by teaching him to manage expectations and reality, and evaluate his obsessive tendencies with art. He says, “I would like to thank everyone at CASA for these days, which would have been otherwise unbearable, and ask you to pursue art in all things.”