Welcome to the CASA Dance Department’s Web Home! 

    I hope the information, pictures and videos will give you a good idea of the Dance Program and the benefits available to all students. If you are a dance history buff, a budding choreographer, a creative collaborator or you just love to move, the CASA Dance Program can be a wonderful addition to your dance studio and high school education. Our dance family builds lasting friendships and a feeling of home, while preparing you for college and beyond. CASA educates the whole dancer – mind, body and spirit. Check out the CASA year in review pixs to see for yourself!

    Also, please note the Dress Code Guidelines and Helpful Hints! Dress Code & Helpful Hints

    Any questions? Contact me personally at rbattista@casa-arts.org

     Alumni – send me info and pictures of your post CASA experiences! Everyone keep your ears tuned to updates on CASA events and support our “cool school”!

    Mrs. Rosemary Battista
    Capital Area School for the Arts
    Dance Department

     PS -  Check out these performance clips!